About Us

TRiOS  is an Indian company aimed to provide complete insight of India and about India through its different articles and blogs. Our team of experts roams around the India and find the historic and modern facts. We are bounnd to bring the best infotainment to our viewers and subscribers.

On the other hand, TRiOS is a service providers the the indian customer in all modern mode of service industry. Be it repair of any gadget or providing online support or providing goods through e-commerce portal. TRiOS is available for it’s customers.

With foundation based on delivering excellence to customer through its products, services and infotainment, The TRiOS aims at expanding its operations and take it to a global level.The company serves individuals,  SMEs, SOHO and other corporate houses with its products and services, whereby one can be assured that the delivery will be on time and in a smooth manner.With an enthusiastic team and network presence, TRiOS is aiming to be most appealing and desired national global partner of India.

The modern means of services are well understood by TRiOS and it is being in field for the expectation of customers of modern India. We are considering the time in seconds and are liable for the loss of time if any. The need of the hour is to save the time for the customer and help them of convert he same in to wealth. Customers are well versed with the converting wealth from the time.

To achieve the it’s aim TRiOS has adopted the basic of sservice industry with the concept of “Customer is King”.  Two main focus theory of TRiOS are as follows :

Customer Centric Approach

Today, in the age of reality of a connected world, customer wants to be seen as an important individual and wants to find what he needs quickly. All the products are categorized in proper segments for the ease of customer and it also helps to company to define its customers segment wise, which turns into more effective policies and processes of company. Keeping ‘Customer Satisfaction’ as the focal point of TRiOS business, a proper research on the ‘Buying Behaviour of Customers’ has been undertaken.  Based on the research strategic plans have been designed and policies to give  buyers the ‘Best of the Best’ in terms of high quality  products offered by the company, efficient service and pro-active approach.

Quality with Speed

traffic-car-vehicle-black“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle

Quality means doing and making it right even no one is questioning and speed means serving the output or delivery on or before the expected time. Stringent selection criteria for both products and vendors backed by extensive field research, which ensures the capability and quality of the manufacturers or suppliers, Speed and quality, both are integral part of a successful business. TRiOS doesn’t sacrifice any of these two key parameters in its deals. whereby customers can be rest assured for the speedy service with best quality products.

The management team of  TRiOS constitutes its Board of Directors, coming from divergent backgrounds and numerous years’ of experience of Telecom, Office Automation, Retail and FMCG.  The board personnel are highly experienced to conduct the decision-making process,  understand customer behavior , market sentiment and demand of change whereby the customer receives the maximum benefit when sourcing products from the company