careerThe companies under The TRiOS umbrella offer equal-opportunities to its employees. The company employees originate from diverse walks of life, who soon become our TRiOS family members. The company staff is trained extensively so that they optimize the satisfaction of the customers when they choose the TRiOS group for their retail needs.

The employees are treated as it’s core at TRiOS and they are focused to prove theie metal by their training and development sections.


woman-notebook-working-girlAt TRiOS, we uphold our employees as a core of the organization. We believe that the enthusiasm of our team members go a long way in making TRiOS a success that it is today.

All our team members go through a vigorous training at the time of joining TRiOS. It is not just the learning process that is essential; we aspire for our team members, and determine that they grow personally as individuals too. We endeavor to align our employee’s life goals to the goals of the organization.
Apart from the above, we also have a “Distress Cell” where client/vendor complaints etc are addressed successfully. Here too, our staff is thoroughly trained to handle all types of queries.


still-life-1139582_960_720 A fun way of learning and working is endorsed by the company. Investing time and resource, the company brings together a dynamic workforce and creates a people-friendly atmosphere. The work culture adopted by the company also aims at encouraging free flow of ideas. The employees can express themselves in an uninhibited manner, whilst maintaining the highest levels of respect for their co-workers.
As an organization, we strive to forge a long lasting association with all its clients, vendors as well as its employees. Moreover, we have a huge range of various India-centric products from all the states in keeping up with the need and requirements of our customers which caters to different needs of buyers, it becomes necessary for our employees to be informed about the products and familiar with our customer needs.


growth-453485_960_720TRiOS encourages the internal motivated staff to take higher responsibilities and roles in organization. Staff promotions are based on their performance and capability shown for bigger and higher ranks.They are considered for top jobs based on their previous work track record. The employees can be elevated to the rank of management based on their experience and expertise.

Job rotation is an another part of growth in organization where employee gets wide range of functionality and chance to explore his/her capability.

TRiOS believes in “Every role for anyone” theory and lives it by actions.