Product and Services

The company offers their customers a wide selection of products in the retail space. These include are Popular, Ethnic, Region & City Specific, Occasion specific  categories. Quality assurance is another promise fulfilled by the company.The TRiOS products are available inmany rangeas givenin categories below.

The orders are to be placed through online sites and the products are delivered in a speedy manner right up to the customer’s doorstep.

Food and gourmet

All you avid food lovers, master chef and food enthusiast can now rejoice, as we bring to you a variety of lip smacking snacks, beverages and sweets from different corners of India. These are especially made for you with utmost love and care. If you want to binge on the Indian delicacies which reminds you of ‘mere shahar ki cheej’, this is the perfect spot for you. We also offer sumptuous region specific treats not easily found anywhere else.

Clothing and accessories

Look  your very best with our exquisite range of clothing and accessories that offer style, practicality and comfort. Irresistible ethnic Indian couture and apparels encompassing the essence of India.  Bask in the beauty of Indian wear, from the vibrant colors to the subtle tones, the exquisite designs to exceptional zardosi, elegantly craft that lends stunning touches of the land.  Selected with great care and sourced from all across the country we ensure that you get the finest from different regions that are hard to find otherwise.

Home and Kitchen

Just what you need to adorn your abode, our home decor products are one of a kind.  Give your home a touch of ethnic Indian decorative and aesthetic home décor.  Enveloping the nuance of multi-culture India, pick out the carefully handpicked items that is truly unique and exclusive.There are a multitude of accessories and solutions for every room of the house. We have sourced our items from all over the country, only selecting the best of the best that offer beauty and quality.

Art,Culture and Travel

Revel in the fine arts and culture of India and make them a part of your home. Rare products depicting the rich heritage are available here.  Enchanting handicrafts depicting skilled craftwork from artisans of the hard-to-find art-form handed down from generation to generation. Pick up any of these and glorify your homes.  Handpicked from different parts of the country famous for their art and culture.  Showcase the wonderful talent of artisans. Display them with pride!

Wedding and Giifts

A one stop solution to your gifting, we present to you a range of lovely options.  Exquisite gifting item that are not just exclusive but also unique. Gifts that will be remembered for creativity and invention, presents that will be revered through times and beyond.  These handicrafts are deeply rooted to the rich and varied culture. Each and every product is handpicked for its quality, aesthetic appeal and specialty.


Bask in the aura of divinity and stay rooted to your core of spirituality with our unique and authentic items. Products which are rarely available near your locality will be easily accessible to you from here. Every one of it is especially handpicked by us and adheres to fine aesthetics and high quality standards. Enfolding the aroma, the essence of the region and the holy feeling that such products lend, you can now get the products right at your doorsteps and find bliss at your home!



Caring for your health and wellness, we bring to you quality products that will enhance your overall life.  Happiness, longevity and holistic health is what these carefully selected items offer. Sourced from all over the country, with each region offering their very own specialty one can hope for more. Only the finest ones have made the list.

Regional specific

Regional specific

We have scouted the length and breadth of our beautiful country to get you products that are authentic to their region, exclusive and not available at will. These products are truly unique ones and that are hard to come by at other places. Each and every one of them is arresting in its own way and promises quality. Go ahead, try them all one at a time as such offers are ‘hard to come by’.

All these products are also available online: and at Retail Express Stores.

Customer Services


The staff are conditioned to carry-out the entire purchase proceedings in a manner in a stress free manner, where the customer is not troubled.
The consumer’s concerns are understood by the company staff, and steps are taken immediately to address their queries. The company also aims to educate the customers about the company’s operations to maintain transparency in their trading activities to earn the customer’s trust.
Customers dealing with The TRiOS group are also known to get their money’s worth, when they make the decision to procure goods from the company.